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The busier life has gotten, the harder it is to check these links. If you have any problem with them, I would REALLY appreciate it if you would email me so that I can make the necessary adjustments. THANKS!

NOTICE to those who wish to request a link here... I have tried to keep the emphasis of this site on COLD PROCESS soapmaking, but have included other methods and links as a service to those folks who want to try other ways. I feel I'm getting more melt and pour links than I really want and would discourage you from requesting a link if that's the main thrust of your site. I also don't list links with the goal of increasing web traffic. I try to list links pertinent to cold process soapmaking for those who want to make their own (not sites that are selling finished soap and toiletry products).

I've been receiving a lot of RECIPROCAL LINK REQUESTS and no longer want to take the time to answer each one. I hope you will see this and understand if you didn't hear back from me.

Thank you!

-Kathy Miller

Finally! - A mail order source for LYE that caters to soapmakers! :-) Check them out! - The Boyer Corporation



NOTE (September 2005): After receiving a couple of emails, I've finally come to believe that it's true... the company that markets Lewis Red Devil Lye has pulled it from the market and has replaced it with a liquid drain opener that contains no lye. My suspicions are that it's due to its use in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamines. This is very sad for the home soaper! :-( I've been buying my lye in bulk for quite awhile now, but for the average person that wants to make one or two batches and has gotten accustomed to buying it locally... this will need to be addressed. Here is a helpful link sent by Nancy M., whose email comment is underneath:


When I bought the two remaining containers from the local Albertsons, I was told it's popular in this community in the production of meth. When I mentioned it to a clerk at the JoAnn's fabric store, where I was fruitlessly trying to find any kind of other soapmaking stuff, I found out she's a soapmaker and that she got her lye at the local Grocery Outlet, in bulk. They don't have it out where anybody can see it, but if you ask and show ID, you can buy it.
Anyway, I'm having fun, that's the point and thanks again for all of your help :-)
Nancy M.
from the dry side, Clarkston, Washington

[No more lye!]

Graphic courtesy of About.com from
Soapmaking article by David Fisher



Homemade Soaps for Sale
Click Here for Details...
[Green Clover & Aloe]
[Oatmeal, Milk & Honey]
[Almond Joy]
[Piña Colada]


I realize it's not SOAP, but our daughter has opened an Etsy shop with cute little critters, so here is a shameless plug for her and a LINK:

[Diane's Dungeon]


Better Living Through Soap Chemistry Forum - Drop in and check out this forum... "This board is primarily dedicated to cold process soapmaking, to the science behind it (e.g. troubleshooting, experimentation, making soap with other alkalines, etc.), as well as to discussion of general chemistry as it applies to soap, experimentation in other toiletries, and anything else you'd like to discuss!" - Sara, Founder
Candle and Soap Making - About.com - TONS of great soapmaking links!

I'm listing the following page for those who speak German, but am not planning to carry many foreign sites that are mainly commercial (and I don't want too much emphasis on melt and pour)...

Der Seifenkünstler (The Soap Artist) -"We are a small family business specialising in melt and pour products for sale via internet.We serve the European Community and hope that you will like the homepage we've put together! The site offers complete step-by-step instructions for various MP techniques (Anleitungen) as well as a large picture gallery (Bildergallerie) that might also be of interest to non-German speakers :-). Yes, the site is unfortunately in GERMAN only and can be found at www.seifenkuenstler.de.We hope you will have a bit of fun looking at what we've put together! Best wishes to you, Tara Kneitz.
Fragrance Oil Finder - What a GREAT resource... a list of any number of fragrances, their descriptions and suppliers who stock them! The wonderful lady who maintains this site has now added a search feature.
Houston Soapmakers Forum - Hosted by Yahoo! and founded by John M. Krafka
Ilmiosapone - This is a new soapmaking page that is in ITALIAN! Many thanks to Patrizia Garzena for making it available. :-) ..."My site is a sort of virtual compendium where I have listed whatever I have learnt about soapmaking in my brief soapmaking career. :-) I do not know if in Italy there are many soapmakers as in the USA or in the UK but I hope that my little, humble site will become a *meeting point* for people who share the same hobby." -Patrizia
LATHERINGS Soap Forum (hosted by Sugar Plum Sundries) - A great soapmakers forum with lots of participation and helpful information. Be sure to visit!
Majestic Mountain Sage Soap Forum
Naturseife - - "In AUSTRIA we also have a very good private soap site with much information about CP soap with a soapforum. I hope you like this site too." -Michi
Sabrina Downard's Soapmaker's Resources - Delightful and helpful page for new soapmakers. I loved reading her soapmaking journal!
Soapmaker's Web Ring - Tap into this ring and visit many soapmaking sites...most of them commercial
Soapnuts Library - This is chock full of helpful tips, instructions, and recipes! Some of the latter include how to make soap rocks. Scroll to the bottom of the main page for the index and be sure to check out all the helpful tips on using colorants, a non-comodogenic chart of oils for lotionmaking (don't think it much matters for soap), etc.
The Saponifier - This is a printed trade publication, available by subscription. Articles are submitted by people who are in the business of soapmaking.
The Scent Review Board - Great looking forum where you can post or read other people's comments about scent companies and individual fragrances. Also a place to post favorite blends with particular scents.

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A Few General Aussie/NZ Links!

Aussie Soapers List: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AussieSoapers

Aussie Soap Supplies - Australian "One stop Shop" for soapers and lotion makers! Authorised suppliers of Bramble Berry Products, and specialising in raw ingredients, colours, moulds, and customer service!

Soapcraft (New Zealand): Supplies and Soap List - NEW!

Soap Naturally Website: http://www.natural-soapmaking.net/

Hot Process and Rebatch Methods - Part of Diane's Naturally Handcrafted Soap site, supplier of Australian soap fragrances, tray molds, soapmaking lessons and handmade soap.

Soap Recipes - Part of Diane's Naturally Handcrafted Soap site

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A Few Soaplists or Blogs/Some International (If you just can't get enough...sign up for one of these!)

HotSoap Mailing List: "This list is dedicated to discussing and increasing our knowledge of the various methods and results of Hot Process Soapmaking. If you already make HP soap, please come join us and share your knowlege and experiences! If you're a cold process soapmaker, come join the fun, there's lots to learn - especially when it comes to shortcuts for 'make today and use tomorrow' handmade soap from scratch!! Usual rules apply - if you can't be nice here, you can't *be* here - and although off topic posts are ok from time to time, there's so much else to read, let's all try and stay tuned to HP soap if we can! Advertising soap and related items is ok, whatever your country; initially ads can be whenever you want, long as they have the word "AD" in the subject line... later on there'll be a special day for ads. In addition to a listowner who makes HP soap, we have a wonderful, caring, generous and experienced listmom for any list problems and complaints you may experience, she's an absolute gem in sorting out confusion and making wise decisions.... Whilst things may be slow at first, in time there will be lots of familiar names to chat with and share ideas - so come join us!" -Melanie Dunstan

You can join this list by going to the following web page: http://www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/HotSoap

Rainbow Meadow Soaplist - To join Melody Upham's soaplist, send an e-mail to Majordomo@UserHome.com. In the body of the text type only "subscribe soap" (without the quotation marks).

Majestic Mountain Sage Soap Blog - the old list has been replaced with this format. :-)

Bathstuff List ...for a broader discussion of bath products, including aromatherapy.To join, click on the link and choose whether you prefer individual e-mail, digest (individuals all in one post) or coming into the web to read: http://www.onelist.com/subscribe/BathStuff

HotSoapEtc. - A friendly list for gentle soapers to discuss the fine art of soapmaking.The number one place to learn about crockpot soap, but all soap discussions are welcome!
URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HotSoapEtc/

UK Soaping Group - If you live in the United Kingdom, you might want to check out this resource. UKSoaping is the only list that is specifically designed for UK and European (EEC) soapers. They have completely different laws regarding selling soap (it is classed as a cosmetic), and this list is often the first place that EEC soapmakers can find out about this, as well as locate European suppliers etc.

The Scandinavian Soapers List has been active for a little more than two years now, and there is a growing community of soapers up there. They have members from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. The lists url is: http://dk.groups.yahoo.com/group/Savonalist/

Soap Naturally Mailing List - Marina Tadiello,ListMum. Australian international forum for natural soapmakers.

Southern Soapers List - "This is a list of soapers in the Southern States to get deals on soaping supplies. The aim is to cut down on shipping costs and lower the cost by buying in bulk. There will also be discussions on soap making, problems, remedies, new ideas, etc. Please, no discussions relating to religion, race, politics, sexual orientation, etc."

YAHOO! Groups: SOAPMAKING - Here is a whole list of groups from which to choose... for those who have the time!

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Canadian Sources has moved to its own page.

Conversion Calculators Online (Ounces, Grams...etc.!)

Majestic Mountain Sage: Measurement Conversion Calculator

This one, thanks to Anna Merhoff!:
"For Mac users, there's a wonderful little utility called Macverter." - Scott Rothstein

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Information and Recipes

Check this out! :-) - Some generous soapmakers contributed this delightful soapy explanation with illustrations in order to visually explain the process of Saponification and Lye Discounting. I just love this! Thanks to Pat B! and Jennifer Davis of Canis Art! Here is the link: http://www.canis-art.com/soaping.htm

Calculators Online Center - All sort of scientific calculators available here. This is the repaired link. :-)
Camden-Grey Essential Oil Information - This page lists the various oils, describes them and suggests what to mix them with.
Chestnut Farms - Online plans for making your own SOAP MOLD.-This link had been lost for awhile when they were reorganizing their site, but I just found it and am posting it again.
Colonial Soapmaking: Its History and Techniques - This is a wonderful overview of how soap is made the old fashioned way, using wood ashes. The first site I had posted for this type of information is no longer available.
FDA/CFSAN Cosmetics: Soap - Read what the FDA has to say about soap (and what isn't really soap!).
Felicia's Fragrance Finder - An interesting and useful compilation of sources for many fragrance oils and feedback on some of their behaviors in cold process soap. Worth a visit! Also lists Canadian sources.
Fragrance Descriptions by Parfums Raffy - Here's a great link posted by Jules on Latherings... it describes many famous perfumes and what their "notes" are. Might be a good study for those who want to experiment with mixing scents.
Glossary for the Modern Soap Maker - A nice resource provided by Coconut Coast Natural Products.
Hot Process and Rebatching from Diane's Naturally Site (Australia)
Hot Process Information from Sabrina Downard - A handout you can print out if you are interested in this process.
Hot Process Soapmaking - This is an instructional link for making soap the old fashioned way...by cooking it on your stove. Complete with witty dialogue and photos. The author, Melanie Dunstan, resides in Australia. Check out the rest of her site while you are there.
Introduction to Soapmaking - This is a helpful tutorial on cold process soapmaking provided by Pat Prenty... with great photos and lists of needed materials!
Irene's House of Soap - This site was posted on Latherings and has some good instructions for marbling, as well as photos of beautiful marbled soaps.
Liquid Soapmaking Instructions - Part of the About.com site. Be sure to click on the link for the photos... and don't expect to email me if you get stuck. ;-) I don't do liquid soaps.
Lovena's Soapmaking - Lovena Harwood uses the Oven Hot Process method (OHP) of soapmaking and has written several tutorials to explain these techniques. Both her Swirling and Swirl-Layer Combo tutorials describe the "swirl-in-the-pot" technique. Once you get the hang of it, you'll find just how easy it is to create swirls and layers using the Oven Hot Process method. If you have questions about these techniques, be sure to direct them to Lovena and not to me! (Kathy M.)
Majestic Mountain Sage - Home - Soapmaking supplies, recipes and books, plus lye and fragrance "calculators" to help you in designing your recipes. A Great Site!
Majestic Mountain Sage: Scent Blends - Some creative ideas!
Majestic Mountain Sage: Fragrance Calculator- Develop your own recipes with this great tool or test new ones to be sure of their proportions and mildness. After you enter your data, you can print it out and have the whole thing at your fingertips. Neat!
Majestic Mountain Sage Lye Calculator for Creating Soap Formulas
Majestic Mountain Sage: Measurement Conversion Calculator - What a handy device this is!
Majestic Mountain Sage: Understanding Specific Gravity - Please read this if you are interested in using volume measures in your recipes as opposed to weight.
Oils4Life Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Information - Great description of how essential oils are extracted, some of their applications and an alphabetical listing of oils and their properties, etc. UK supplier of pure essential oil, carrier oil, massage oil, sport massage oil and many other Aromatherapy gift items.
Pine Meadows-Recipes for Sweet Smelling Soaps and Lotions - A great looking assortment of soap and lotion recipes... also fizzing bath bombs. Check them out! :-)
Rainbow Meadow Inc.-Info Center  - All kinds of helpful information can be found here!
Rebatching - Judy Scher's (formerly of Cat Dreams Soap) rebatching method posted here... you'll need to scroll down.
Salt Soap Tutorial - NEW! I don't know how long this will be available, but it's an instruction on how to make "salt soap." A reader shared the link. I've not tried this one myself but people are starting to ask about it. The gal who prepared it is from Ladybug Soapworks.
Sappo Hill: A History of Soapmaking ... Through the ages
Soap and Related Recipes - Sabrina Downard's website.
Soap Impressions - Hints and Tips for Stamping Soap
Soap Naturally - New website resource which is based in Australia. Lots of good links and be sure to check out the amazing photos of "confections" made from soap that has been decorated using cake frosting tips and whipped soap 'frosting'.
Soapnuts Library - This is chock full of helpful tips, instructions, and recipes! Some of the latter include how to make soap rocks. Scroll to the bottom of the main page for the index and be sure to check out all the helpful tips on using colorants, a non-comodogenic chart of oils for lotionmaking (don't think it much matters for soap), etc.
SoapTeacher: Advanced Tips for Melt and Pour Soap - While I don't do melt and pour, some of the techniques shown here can also be adapted to cold process.
Soul Gazer Sundries - Kat K. has put her own changes into the Chris Mathes Spreadsheet Calculator and you can visit her site and download her version here. Also, check out her tutorial for making your own soap labels in Microsoft Word.
Summers Past Farms - Another Online Lye Calculator that looks easy to use! All fits on one screen, unlike the Majestic Mountain Sage one.
TeachSoap.com - The thrust of the soapmaking instructions here is melt and pour, but there are many excellent articles on things like scent, colorants, pricing, insurance, etc. Be sure to check it out!
The Soap Factory - Colonial Soap Making...Its History and Techniques - Talk about a comprehensive history lesson! Very interesting. Check out the other information on this site...they also sell homemade soaps.
TKB Trading-What is Glycerin? - I've reformatted this slightly so that it won't take up too much paper if you want to print it. It is another informative article by Kaila Westerman.
Uses for Various Oils in Soapmaking - Sabrina Downard has a very informative website and took the time to make a list of many soapmaking base oils, special oils and additives. Next to each is a description of what qualities they impart to the finished bar.

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Shipping Calculations

Want to find out how much the shipping is going to boost your cost on supplies? Check out these online calculators.

USPS (Postal Service) Domestic Rate Calculator
Quick Cost Calculator (UPS)

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Sources for Supplies

Acorn Soap N Candle Supply
Alexander Essentials Aromatherapy Essential Oils - Submitted by an overseas soaper... "Hi there! I'm new to soapmaking and have found your site very interesting. My problem is trying to find oils etc.. in Europe. I found this link on the internet which other soap makers in Europe may find useful. Sarah McCann (Luxembourg)"
Audrey Leigh Essential Oils - Located in the U.K. but will ship overseas. Carries pure essential oils and has fact sheets on some of the more common ones.
Bitter Creek Candle Supply - has fragrance oils that can be used in soapmaking. They are currently testing their FOs and posting their suitability for cold process. Some people love the scents... worth taking a look.
Bottles and More - Bottles and containers, various soapmaking and costmetic supplies... essential oils, carrier oils, fragrance oils, etc. Located in Antelope, California.
The Boyer Corporation - Finally... a mail order source for LYE that caters to soapmakers! :-) Check them out!
Bramble Berry Soapmaking Supplies - Located in lovely Bellingham, Washington... these folks carry fragrance oils and other products that can be used for soaping.
Brushy Mountain Bee Company - Source for beeswax... page 11 of their Candle Making Supplies.
Camden-Grey Essential Oils - Essential & fixed oils, raw materials, butters, bottles, disposable pipettes, books, ROE, fragrant lavender buds, roll-on deodorant bottles, unscented lotion/shampoo, M&P, jojoba, emu oil & more.
Celestial Nymph-Soap Molds - These are PVC pressurized molds and kits.
Chestnut Farms - A nice site that offers soaps, molds, cutters and even instructions for building your own wooden soap mold.
Columbus Foods Company/Soaper's Choice - Located in Chicago, Illinois. Good source for all types of soapmaking base oils and exotic butters. They also carry melt and pour soap base at $50.00 for a 43 lb tub. Mike Lawson thinks the price is unbeatable...this base has received great reviews from his customers. Toll Free 800-322-6457 x230
Emporium Naturals Soapmaking Supplies - Gidget Knowles sent me this link for one of her favorite suppliers... they are located in Eastern Massachusetts.
Essential Wholesale - Located in Portland, Oregon. Soapmaking supplies and books, plus botanicals, aromatherapy products, etc.
FPI - From Jules: "The site can be viewed in either US or Canadian - and for Canadians they package in metric! They're located here in Richmond, but they do most of their shipping to the US. A LOT of their FOs are bad in CP, but their EO prices make up for it - their fixed oil prices aren't bad eitf the local suppliers get their stuff from FPI! Minimum order is, I think, $100. They're the north american office of FPI Products in England, a HUGE supplier to the industry there.her! Lots o
Essential Depot -NEW! Recommended by a reader as a source for mail order sodium hydroxide. He ordered the technical grade.
From Nature With Love - Lots of soapmaking supplies and herbal and aromatherapy products.
Glorybee Foods - Lots of soapmaking supplies, including ingredients, books and molds. Other interesting non-soap stuff as
Good Scents Company - 1977 East Montana Avenue, Oak Creek, Wisconsin 53154. (414) 764 2659: Carries essential oils, candle scents, & soap fragrances.
Herbal Accents - Reasonable prices on essential and fragrance oils for soaps. Also carry other soapmaking supplies. Located in California.
Kelsei's Creations - A great site if you're looking for molds, etc.!
K & W Specialties Home Page - This is a comprehensive Canadian source for soapmaking supplies.
Labcolours - From Jules... a great link researcher!: "They're located in Ontario, but do their billing in US dollars (and most of their sales). Jen is probably one of THE most knowledgeable people around about colour chemistry...she's got a formulary for sale (two of them, actually, one for low pH and one for high pH) that use 12 basic colors (all dyes, BTW) to create 40 low pH and 50 high pH colours, including some really beautiful reds. She also sells some other neat stuff like a new type of emulsifier for lotions that looks WAY better than ewax! Jen runs the cosmetic chemistry list I'm on...she really knows her stuff! You've gotta take a look at the colour chart for the high pH stuff..."
Lavender Lane--Herbalware - All kinds of goodies for candles and soap! Dyes, essential and fixed oils (including coconut and palm kernel), flowers and herbs, books, molds, etc.
Lebermuth Company - Bulk Fragrance and Essential Oils. Go to the Online section for order smaller quantities...still a $150 minimum and you need a business license. Good quality FOs.
Liberty Natural Products - Essential oils, dried herbs, many kinds of vegetable (fixed) oils, including coconut and palm kernel
Majestic Mountain Sage Products - Loads of products in this large catalog.
Nashville Wraps - Wholesale Gift Bags, Boxes and Wrap. Gift Packaging Products. Note that it's WHOLESALE... but here for some of you that buy that way.
Nature's Wild Child - Located in Whittier, CA. Specializes in high-quality natural products and ingredients, unadulterated by any chemicals... goatsmilk, herbs, colorants, additives, natural waxes, oils and butters.
Natural Oils - It's self explanatory!
North Country Online Mercantile
Olive Tree Soaps - Located in Naples, New York, this site is recommended as having very reasonable prices on cocoa and shea butters. They also sell other fixed oils and butters, molds, scales, some fragrances, etc. Worth checking out. :-)
One Planet Aromatherapy Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Books, and Accessories - They carry over 70 essential oils and over 110 different fragrances. 100% moneyback guarantee. This company carries many of the fragrance oils offered by Lebermuth (many of which are good in soap). Their retail prices are higher than Lebermuth's wholesale ones, but for the average soaper who does not have a business license or the ability to meet the $150 minimum order requirement of Lebermuth... it's a great place to get and try some of their fragrances.
Organeem LLC - Looks like pretty pricey stuff to me for soapmaking, but for those of you who are interested, these folks carry organic neem oil. Located in Fremont, California. Wholesale pricing and details are available upon request.
Pine Meadows - Soapmaking supplies, including fixed oils, colorants, essential & fragrance oils, scales, waxes, preservative, packaging supplies, and containers. Located in Orem, Utah.
Rainbow Gardens -These folks produce their own peppermint and spearmint essential oils which are very nice (I've received samples). Their farm/business is located in Kalispell, Montana. Check out their website for prices and also some information on distilling essential oils.
Rainbow Meadow Essential Oils For Aromatherapy, Soapmaking and Candlemaking
Shay & Company Inc. - Want to order in LARGE quantities? These people carry soapmaking oils and sodium hydroxide, etc. As of Jan. '99 they have added Melt and Pour base in clear and opaque...in large blocks. Check them out!
ShrinkwrapStore.com - Just what it says... they have shrinkwrap systems, film and bags, heat guns, a FAQs page, etc.
Snowdrift Farms - Located in Tucson, AZ. Carries soapmaking supplies of all sorts as well as finished soaps that they make. Have essential oils, packaging materials and supplies for making soaps and toiletries.
Soap Crafters Company - Finished soaps, fats and other soap ingredients as well as great instructions on soapmaking and "recrafting"
Soap Dishes by Cotton Blossom Crafts - One piece soap dishes made from unfinished pine wood... might be nice to package with your soaps if you're into sales. You can paint or stain them if you like.
Soap Impressions - This site specializes in soap stamps... they carry ready-made and will also do custom stamps with your business logo or simple design. Also for sale are the kind of pH strip that are the most accurate for testing soap. Check them out!
Soapmaker Software - A couple in Canada has developed this software program for soapmakers. It does recipe calculation and organization, including recipe costing and graphic display of predicted soap qualities. It also provides complete inventory control for tracking supplies and products made. They will ship to the U.S.
Soapmaking Supplies - A bit pricey, but a charming collection of soapmaking kits and paraphernalia
Spiritcrafts - Candlemaking, soapmaking and craft supplies. Their emphasis is probably more on melt and pour, but they carry some products that have application to cold process as well. Located in Yucca Valley, California.
Sugarplum Sundries - Previous host of the wonderful Latherings Forum, this business also offers soapmaking supplies, recipes, etc. Changing ownership to in flux at the moment.
Sweet Cakes Soapmaking Supplies - Fragrance oils from a professional soapmaker who knows which ones work and which end up smelling awful! What a vast assortment...if you need inspiration, go to this site and just read the descriptions. Also a few recipe suggestions.
Symphony Scents (formerly The Scent Shack) - Tested fragrance oils and soap supplies. Located in Geneva, Illinois.They also offer other soap supplies (cocoa butter and melt & pour base). No minimum order.
The Soap Goat Soap Shop - These folks specialize in soap molds, but also carry various soapmaking supplies such as colorants, oils, etc. as well as lotions and salts.
The Soap Saloon - Another comprehensive collection of soapmaking supplies! Upbeat webpage interface.
TKB Trading - Cosmetic grade colorants, fragrance oils, molds, and remeltable glycerin soap. Look for information on colorants in the FAQs section.
TLC Soaps & Sundries - Uniquely designed soap cutters, soap curing bins and molds. Also soapmaking supplies, kits, bottles, jars and containers.
Tradewinds Fragrance Company - Sells fragrance oils for use in soap, as well as candles. Many interesting blends that they've done themselves... with an emphasis on tropical themes. Located in Beech Island, South Carolina.
Uline - I've been ordering my shipping boxes, ziploc bags and bubble bags from these folks for quite awhile. For the person selling soap... check them out.
U.S. Box - For the serious soapmaker/seller. Soap packaging such as exclusive Net Bags, Plastic Covered Boxes, Printed Ribbon, Gift Pouches in Fabric & Vinyl, Cello Bags, Gift Basket Boxes, Printed Tissue and exclusive Gourmet Colored Shipping Boxes. Minimum order of $100 or $10 penalty for smaller orders.
Welcome to Aura Cacia - Site to help you locate their essential oil products, plus an online "Aromatherapy Wheel"
Wholesale Supplies Plus.com - - I've not used these folks, but have heard from others that do. They carry glycerin melt & pour soap base, all natural soap supplies, candlemaking supplies, fragrance oils, essential oils, flavor oils, molds, soapmaking kits, bath salts, beeswax, fixed oils, shea butters, aromatherapy, colors, pigments, etc.
Wooden Soap Molds from Candles and Woodcraft's - This site also offers wooden soap dishes, crates and sales display racks, etc.
Zenith Supplies: Bulk Herbs - A big assortment of bulk herbs by the pound are offered on this page. They also carry essential oils, fragrance oils, bulk fixed oils, wax color chips and molds.

This page last updated on 27 April 2011
If you still have questions, please read through the information on the Troubleshooting Help page, MOST Frequently Asked Questions and Modern Procedures. More can also be learned through the Botched Batches and Soapy Success pages. Many common problems have already been addressed on the site and it's difficult for me to keep up with emails these days and get anything else done. If your question involves my looking up information that you can also research, or going over numbers and recipe calculations, I might not respond if in the middle of a project around our home and garden. I apologize for this, since I've enjoyed my correspondence with people and don't like to ignore emails of any kind. Thanks! :-)